CUPE 1091 members opted to participate in the Provincial Standardized Extended Health Care Plan, and there will be an opportunity for those individuals who have previously waived their extended health care plan to enroll in this plan. Please note that this only applies to extended health care and does not apply to dental coverage. For details, please download the attachments below.


We voted for change—now what will it look like?

For once the pollsters were right—they all called for a close election finish, and that’s what the voters delivered. The experience of the 2013 provincial election must have made pollsters feel like a meteorologist who’s called for a sunny long weekend that’s then followed by rain. Well in this election, pollsters predicted a near-tie in party standings in the Legislature, and that’s where we are now.


Custodian survey: preliminary results show B.C. schools ‘in a mess’

BURNABY – Preliminary results from a survey of CUPE custodians throughout B.C. indicate that a startling number of janitors—55.4 per cent—are not able to maintain schools to meet their own expectations for a clean, safe and healthy school environment.


CUPE National News

CUPE 1975 concerned about potential contracting out at the University of Saskatchewan

CUPE 1975 is concerned that the University of Saskatchewan’s interest in negotiating an incentivized exit with union employees may lead to contracting out of key university services.

“Under the current collective agreement, the employer is prohibited from contracting out our work as a result of layoffs,” said Craig Hannah, president of CUPE Local 1975. “We believe that incentivized exits should provide the same assurance, but the university has yet to provide us with that assurance.”

Agreement reigns at the City of Bécancour

On Tuesday, May 23, employees of the City of Bécancour signed their collective agreement, which includes wage increases of 14% over seven years.

In addition to wages, the key points in the agreement are an improved employment floor and a clause on staff mobility when a position is abolished. The Union is also satisfied with a clawback clause for employees required to work overtime at night.

When it rains, it pours solidarity

CUPE National President Mark Hancock joined striking Toronto Zoo employees on the picket line today, braving near record-setting rainfalls to send a message that members of CUPE 1600 have support from across the country.

“We’ve seen what two-tier agreements and not having good contract language do to workers, over and over and what you’re doing here is the hard, right thing to do and you have the support of every CUPE member,” Hancock told picketers.