Union education is a valuable service provided to our members and we encourage active participation.

Who is eligible for Steward Education?
Anyone who has been elected to be a Steward is eligible for the basic Steward Education. Any current steward is eligible for courses in the Steward Learning Series. There are many other steward learning opportunities which are included in the monthly Steward mailing from the Local and at Steward meetings.

CUPE BC Education Calendar
The calendar of courses are posted twice a year in the Spring and Fall Education Calendar. You can view the current courses offered by going to the CUPE BC website: http://www.cupe.bc.ca/union-education

Steward Learning Series
This series of three-hour modules will give stewards a wide range of knowl┬Čedge and skills to represent members and respond to situations in the workplace and is the first step for new stewards. Some of these modules are mandatory for the Steward Learning Series Certificate, and some are optional. Upon completion of this series a number of more focused courses are available.
Please check the CUPE Course Calendar regularly for any courses which may benefit you in your stewarding. Because our office needs time to review and enquire with the host local if there is room before we can approve and/or notify you of your acceptance, please apply as soon as you identify a course you would like to take.