• EA Unit Meeting Minutes, September 27, 2019

    Educational Assistants Unit Meeting
    Brooke Elementary School in Delta 3:30pm
    Tuesday September 17, 2019

    Attendees: Teri Tait, Mary Ferguson, Moira Goodman, Julie Brow, Nancy Lovering, Gina Moniz, Laurie Butterworth, Barb Capaduca, Tanya Bayley, Debby Kabesh, Johanna Richards, Iris Siekman, Angela Saccone, Karen Garins, Brenda Duffus, Kim Barnes, Mirjam Vandop, Petra Hoy, Karen Provenzano and Cyndi Smith, Debbie Walden, Eileen Penny and Daun Frederickson

    Meeting was called to order by Daun Frederickson at 3:35pm. Daun started with the Indigenous Land Acknowledgement then welcomed all members that form part of our unit (EA’s, Strong Start Staff, CYCW and Multicultural Workers), provided opening remarks, the unions role copies from the Cupe1091 website and members took turns reading CUPE’s Equality Statement aloud.

    A Unit Chair needs to be voted on. Debbie Kabesh motioned that Daun Frederickson remain our Unit Chair. No other members came forward to run as Unit Chair. Daun accepted and the motion was seconded by Angela Saccone.

    Daun Frederickson motioned that Laurie Butterworth take on the role of Recording Secretary. Laurie accepted and the motion was seconded by Eileen Penny.

    Daun advised that our unit should have five Shop Stewards and asked if there were any unit members interested in this position. Kim Barnes, Daun Frederickson, Petra Hoy, Tanya Bailey and Barb Capaduca all came forward. These five accepted and were seconded by all attendees. There is training provided to new Shop Stewards and it runs over a two day period. Shop Stewards take direction from the Chief Shop Steward, Johnathan McCune.

    JE Committee Positions need to be filled. This position involves reviewing the job descriptions of all CUPE 1091 employee positions. Human Resources, CUPE Rep. all meet together and evaluate jobs. You do not evaluate your own position, you do so on the others within our local. You are a point of contact for the rest of the committee to discuss and provide insight to the role of an Education Assistant. Robin Reme is currently on the committee and Debby Kabesh put her name forth. Daun will check and see if Robin is still interested in the position and if so both positions will be filled. Daun motioned Debbie Kabesh be accepted as one of the JE Committee members and it was seconded by Eileen Penny.

    There should be an EA Unit Representative at each school. The EA could be the Cupe Site Representative and EA Rep or the school could have a different site rep. The person holding this position is the contact person for other EA’s in the building, provides support to those EA’s, assists but is NOT a Shop Steward. There is a training/dinner meeting for all those EA’s and/or CUPE Reps that have listed themselves as representatives. A sheet was passed around with a list of schools and the corresponding EA’s name listed. A few schools are still in need of representatives. These names will be posted shortly.

    Employee Management Contract Committee (EMCC) is also looking for someone to sit on this committee. Daun Frederickson is stepping down from this position. Patti Price (CUPE President) and a member from each CUPE Unit, Human Resources and a Manager from every department meet together and share what is happening in the workplace, express concerns, discuss new business. Kim Barnes expressed interest. Daun Frederickson motioned, Kim accepted and Eileen Penny seconded.
    Results of Ratification Meeting held on August 10th:
    Daun expressed how happy she was that our Ratification Meeting went extremely well. Our contract passed and was accepted by the employer. Pay increase of 2% effective as of July 1, 2019. Payments will be retro active and should show up on our September 20, 2019 pay check and any retro payments will be made prior to November 1, 2019. Another major point was our membership having our wages covered should the teachers strike. This new contract should be coming out soon for reviewing.

    Peer Support:
    The Peer Support positions are held by Eileen Penny and Mary Ferguson. Eileen is responsible for schools in the South end as well as Chalmers, Jarvis and Seaquam. Mary does all other schools located in the North end. Eileen and Mary met with Claire Clancy regarding Professional Development ideas and planning back in May of 2019. Both felt that there wasn’t any real movement going to be made on the employer’s side regarding their ideas. They are trying to advocate for us but feel as though it isn’t a priority for them right now and that they may have other plans but didn’t share those plans. However, Eileen did mention that in 2020 their will be $15,000 allocated for EA Pro-D Day funding. With regards to the upcoming Professional Day on September 20th, Eileen has sent out an email regarding some webinars EA’s can take online. Sarah Ward webinar on brain mapping is fascinating, Eileen has taken that one. It is good to check around and see what other districts are doing as some of their seminars are “open” to other districts and para professionals. Daun wanted to make note that Chalmers is doing their own First Aid course on November 25th. If anyone is interested, they can look into that by calling Chalmers directly.

    EA Social:
    The last social was our Retirement social held in June of 2019. It went well and was a nice send off for our retiring unit members. A vote was taken and the results were as follows:
    97% were in favour of having a Spring BBQ
    88% were in favour of having a Fundraiser Walk/Run to support Delta Families in need
    77% were in favour of having a Casino Night
    It was also discussed and suggested that members contribute to a “Social Committee Fund”, which Human Resources will automatically deduct $2 from each pay cheque. This fund would be on a volunteer basis and a form will be completed to start the process. Watch for more info coming out soon. The union will provide $150 towards this fund as well. They will be looking to Dale Hunter for the setting up of this voluntary $2 donation account.
    The Maintenance staff get a paid half day off, doing two BBQ’s a year, during work hours. Why aren’t us EA’s doing the same thing? It is approved by management, management attends and therefore why aren’t we doing it?. This will be brought up again and mentioned to our social committee members (Sheri Ann, Brenda, Daun, Heather and Debbie). Christmas Social is the next social on the docket watch for details coming soon.

    If you know of someone or you yourself are wanting Posting Notifications. You now need to opt. into receiving them. You can do so by following the instruction provided in an email sent to your personal email address on First Class. You will need to go onto Employee Connect and select the option provided.
    Daun reminded all members that there is a General Meeting for CUPE 1091, this Saturday September 21st at North Delta Secondary School at 9:30 am.
    Next Meeting will be held at the Christmas Social date and time to be announced.
    Meeting was adjourned at 4:30pm by Daun Frederickson

  • EA Unit Meeting Minutes, may 8, 2019

    May 8, 2019

    MINUTES by Laurie Butterworth

    EA Unit Reps - There are still a few schools without EA reps. If your school does not have a rep, please consider taking this on. This is how we get our information out to everyone.

    The following schools still needs reps:
    Beach Grove
    Cliff Drive
    Cougar Canyon
    English Bluff
    Sunshine Hills

    Recording Secretary - the EA Unit needs a recording secretary. Is there an EA that would like to take on this task? It would consist of attending meetings, taking minutes, then passing them onto EA Unit Chair.

    Bumping process and postings – The EA unit encompasses EA’s, CYCW-Child and Youth Care Workers, Multicultural Workers, Strong Start and EA Peer Support. These positions can be bumpable in the bumping process only if you are qualified. If you believe you have the qualifications in a different classification than the job you’re in you can contact Dale Hunter and discuss with her your bumping choices. Some EAs whose bumping choices were not available have been offered positions (not on their choice sheet) for September. If you know this is happening, please let Daun or Sherryann know. Rescind letters and new assignment letters will be sent to your folder in Employee Connect. You will not get an email telling you to check your folder.

    First Posting Booklet - May 17 the new posting booklet comes out.

    General Meeting – The JE committee worked through a very intense process to approve the new classification for EAs. They spent 4 hours at our CUPE Office to read through the JE positions before they met with HR. They felt confident in their decision to approve the new EA Job Class.

    Negotiations for our new contract started today. We have approx 35 proposals on the table. Contract must be signed by November 30, 2019. If it’s not signed, CUPE National mediation steps in to see where the holdups are and tries to help settle these. If the new contract is signed by November 30 there will be a signing bonus. If the teachers go on strike we must sign before they serve strike notice. We have time to really make sure this is a good contract for us!

    OHS – Joanna Angelidis and Mike Messersmitdt are working on Student Safety Plan Procedures. The SIPP -Student Incident Processes and Protocol Committee was formed with Patti Price, Eileen Penny, Ian Reade, Joanna Anegilidis, Clare Clancy and others to look at what was needed. Then out of the that Inclusive Learning hired an outside consultant to look at new procedures. An advisory committee has been formed with Joanna and Mike Messersmidt. Hopefully something is coming out from that. All work safe procedures and policies are in our K-12 Provincial Bargaining framework agreement and must be followed.

    EA First Aid – May 17th course has openings. It will also be offered the 1st 3 Pro D days in the fall. The employer must provide this if it’s required for our job. There are forms on FC you can access to apply for reimbursement from HR. You must apply before the course date then reimbursement only happens after you have attended and completed the course. See info on First Class under HR. Print the from and follow the steps on the form. The union may also be able to help with reimbursement. You can email and ask about the process.

    CPI - there are 8 certified CPI trainers in the District now. The EA Peer Supports hope to provide many training sessions next school year.

    District ID – by September, all employees hopefully will have ID tags. They will have the Delta logo, picture, first name and position.

    Union Elections – This year the positions up for election are:
    1st VP, 3rd VP (OHS position), Secretary Treasurer and 1 trustee. Information will be on CUPE website soon.

    General Meeting - May 25th, next meeting will be at NDSS and this for is the one nominations up for election (Important!) June 15, at DMEC will be voting day.

    EA Peer Support - There is First Aid running on May 17 ProD. No CPI as all the Coordinators have the 4 day weekend off, so we couldn’t secure an Instructor. There are a few First Aid spots left but the money for reimbursement through HR has run out for this school year. They would need to pay for it themselves. There will be more money in place for Sept. Sherri Buss has secured a First Aid Instructor for the first 3 Pro D Days in the fall and there will more if needed. There will be plenty of CPI classes running in the fall as well. There is no need for anyone to feel panicked that they won’t get it. Many will be offered. Also an EA workshop on May 17 for all EA’s being offered and provided by EA Peer Supports.

    EA In-service Committee – they will be meeting with Claire Clancy for next year’s plan.

    Retirement Seminars – The next seminar will be held October 18, 19 & 20. It will be held at DMEC. There are 35 spots, 33 on list already. Priority will be given to those retiring in the next 2 years. Please done register yourself. Contact Linda at the Cupe office to register. Patti Price is on the Committee for Municipal Pension Plan. She is happy to help anyone with retirement/pension questions. Please reach out to her.

    EA Social – June 20 at Seaquam 3:45pm
    All EA’s, CYCW, MultiCultural Workers, Strong Start and EA Peer Support are welcome!
    The EA social committee is organizing this. Watch for detailed info coming soon. We will be recognizing any EA’s who have retired this year. Each school has been assigned a pot luck dish to bring (collaboratively) for the number of people attending from that school. Please let your schools rep know if you will be attending. The social committee will provide the plates, utensils, beverages.

    There was discussion about paying dues to cover social activities ($2 a month out of our paycheques) which would be optional. Also, a list of activities that might be of interest to us. This included things like bbqs, casino nights, community events, fundraiser walks/runs. The majority of those in attendance voted in favour of participating. The social committee will look further into this process for next year. Our Local Clerical and Maintenance Departments collect dues for Social Activities in their Units. We hope to do the same for EA’s.

    CUPE BC Convention – EA’s Daun and Cyndi Smith attended in Victoria. It was very informative. Some resolutions brought forward to BC Government on Safety Plans for students and EA Violence and Safety in the work place.

  • Minutes of February 2019 EA Meeting

    The meeting started with the acknowledgement and respect for the traditional territory of the Tsawwassen and Musqueam First Nations and the reading of the equality statement. The equality statement was passed around and people took turns reading a paragraph each.
    EMCC Meeting February 10 memo. Regarding EA shortages -> There are currently 30 students in the DTAC. The hiring of DTAC students is not usually done until after they complete their one-month practicum. They are not supposed to apply for temporary or continuing postings for the first six months after they have been hired. Some Kwantlen students have been hired in Delta but the Kwantlen program is a two-year program. We don’t know if they have two one-month practicum because some of them have already been hired in Delta. We need to look into the differences between the DTAC and the Kwantlen programs. There has been some concern over the DTAC students being qualified or not. We can’t ask the new EAs but if they volunteer information on qualifications then we need to pass that information onto Patti. We aren’t allowed to ask!!!
    Bumping-> It was asked when do we usually know about the bumping process and how many will become effected by it. We usually know around the time that the budget comes out so around April or the beginning of May.
    EA Handbook -> There was talk about having a new EA Handbook. Dan had started the process and was looking at the Peer supports to assist with the handbook. It was thought to have one handbook for EA’s with information on forms, field trips, job description, and etc. There was supposed to be a second book for administrators. We don’t know what is going to happen with this since there hasn’t been any additional word about it.
    Occupation Health and Safety -> There was no information to staff on what’s going on. CUPE is finding that things are not being transparent with us.
    We talked about how the staff at Inclusive Learning is now set up. Joanna is still director of Inclusive Learning. Dan is now doing the High school and Claire is now doing the Elementary and the hiring of new EAs.
    New Employee Orientation -> The new staff has not received orientation before they have started working. They don’t know how to get into FirstClass or how to get it set up. The process hasn’t been happening regularly due to HR being very busy. HR sends all the information to the new employee’s personal emails. Peer support would like to assist the new employees so they ask that we pass on who the new employees in our schools onto them. It was suggested that it would be a good idea for Peer support to attend New Employee Orientation so they can support the new employees better.
    Cannabis -> Even though cannabis is legal in BC we need to remember that they are not to be used at work or on district properties/school grounds.
    Employee IDs -> There has been a delay so the new date for District ID cards is September 2019. Every employee will eventually get one with a lanyard.
    It was asked if the district is planning on replacing behavioral EAs with Child and Youth Care Workers. The answer was ‘no’.
    Temporary Positions -> The Union was advised that EAs don’t have to take a temporary position extension. If the administration automatically extends you then you have the right to decline the extension. You as an employee, have the options to go back on-call or to apply to a different position. If there is a problem then you contact Patti Price.
    After two years you can request (in writing) that any disciplinary letters on your file is removed.
    In article 21 of our collective agreement we are entitled to $70.00 refund on our car insurance if we are using our car for work. We need to have work or business car insurance not just to and from work insurance.
    Performance appraisals -> If you aren’t happy with the performance appraisal then don’t sign it. You do not have to sign it. If they try get you to sign it then contact the Union.
    An Increase to the bathing suit reimbursement allowance has been put forward as a bargaining proposal. The suggestion increase is from $60 to $90. Yeah! All proposals will be ratified at a meeting to take place soon.
    Comfort committee -> Go on the CUPE website, under contact the union, and please let them know if anyone from your school is absent or has a loss. This is the only way that CUPE will be able to have it posted in the Horizon and the only way that they can send flowers.
    Naloxone Kits -> They are currently in every secondary school but none are in the elementary school. There has been discussion on how much they cost. The district says that they cost too much to have them in all the schools at this time. There were questions on if Occupation Health and Safety are going to have EA’s trained on how to use them.
    Retirement Workshop -> they are put on usually once a year. Another workshop maybe offered in October because we had to move this year’s seminar to February. The purpose is to help our brothers and sisters on making plans close to retirement. It was suggested to go to one five years prior to retirement. The Union pays for those to attend. There was some discussion on how many we are supposed to attend, if we are to attend two or one throughout our employment with the District.
    Bargaining updates -> K to 12 ratified/CUPE member president council. Look on line to see what is happening across BC. However, some of it the changes are; a wage increase of 2 percent per year for the next three years. There has been an amendment incase the teachers or civil servants agree to get more then us, we will get what they get. So, we will all get the same increase percent. It was a very successful meeting and a lot was discussed. On Saturday, March 2 there will be a meeting to discuss the proposals. We need EAs to represent themselves but we aren’t sure of the location for the meeting.
    Incident Forms -> there was some discussion on filling out the incident info forms verses the aggressive forms. We are to fill out the OH&S incident forms and if need be the aggressive forms. Even if it is a close call and you don’t sustain an injury, fill out the forms. You can put down on the form that no actual injury was sustained from the incident. If there is any issue about the forms then contact the Union or our OH&S (3rd Vice President) Kevin Berg-Iverson.
    Make sure that any phone calls to the employer is followed up by an email. You can write up in the email ‘to confirm what was discussed on the phone......’ An email will leave a trail and if they disagree with you, they will let you know in an email. If they don’t, they will either not respond or they will respond with an affirmative email.
    North Delta Track -> The municipality of Delta has leased the track and surrounding grounds from Delta School District for $1 a year. Delta Municipal Workers from CUPE 454 will be the ones to take care of the track. Delta schools will still be using the track during school hours.
    Voting -> There was some discussion on whether we will have electronic voting and what that would look like. If we can vote without being present (mail in our votes, vote by phone, or have pre-voting). It was explained that in order to have electronic voting it needs to be added to the bylaws, which it isn’t. CUPE prefers that we all vote in person.
    EA Spring Social -> We currently have a group that will be planning the social. The group is made up of Daun Frederickson, Brenda Duffus, Sherryann Weber, Heather Carrier, and Debby Kabesh. They will be meeting in February to discuss this. There will be an email going out to everyone when they have information.

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